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Hirtenstraße 19, 10178 Berlin, Germany

+49 30 24041420


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About Us

Our Vision

Higher the quality of low cost video and lower the cost of high quality video production.

Our mission is to inspire our customers by delivering high quality [world class] video production at a reasonable cost with our unique video subscription model and measure results to ensure video ROI is delivered to our valued customer.

Our people are at the heartbeat of our company, we value them highly and regardless of job function we are all joined by our passion for video.

From the inspirational creativity of pre-production to the desire to capture the magic of the moving image to the commitment and dedication of post-production editing and our unique fishing phase of the production process.

Our editors are all trained to expert level on Adobe Premier Pro and After Effects. They are also trained in camera, film making and lighting skills. Most importantly they have the passion to make your vision appear on screen.

We reward our people with time off, money and recognition.
We chose to reward our people rather than incentivise as incentives can be missed, creating disappointment.

We give back to our community in the form of time, help and money.

We offer creative, filming, production and editing services free of charge and regularly donate to good causes.

We have filmed SportAid events since 2018 and donated to a wide variety of good causes with our preference of giving a little to a lot of people.

A Unique Video Production Model

Cloud Moves TV pioneered the video production subscription model. In a video first market enterprise and mid-market companies need a constant flow of high-quality low-cost video.

The market was saturated with fluctuating prices and varying quality video production and we wanted to address this by creating a solution that delivers a fixed monthly price and constant flow of high quality video.

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