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Hirtenstraße 19, 10178 Berlin, Germany

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1200 %


The number of shares video generates on social media compared with images and text combined

88 %


The amount of time longer consumers spend on sites if it includes video

144 %


Product videos increase online product purchases by 144%


Video is the number one way to connect with buyers, followers, and employees. Interactive video increases engagement even further and in some cases can triple conversions.

To help you understand the functions and capabilities of interactive video you just need to remember these three things: branching, overlays and analytics.

Branching: Viewers are offered decisions and make choices tailoring their experience to their areas of most interest.

Overlays: Pop up screens that appear when clicked, providing background on a character or actor, information on the car they’re driving, clothes and accessories they are wearing, where to buy them and even click to purchase.

Analytics: Map viewer behaviour and discover viewer interactions, what scenes they watch, how long they watch each scene for and how many times they interact with a particular scene.

The extent that interactive video takes the viewer journey will change story telling forever.

The potential for pushing the boundaries of interactive video will be the key differentiator within digital marketing content over the next few year until it becomes the new norm.


Cloud Moves TV pioneered video subscription services globally. This is our most popular service and is available to companies of all sizes from Enterprise, Mid-Market, SMB and Start-ups.

  • Lowest costs per video.
  • Fixed monthly price.
  • Access to constant video content.
  • Immediate response times.
  • Analytics, viewer behaviour and content review.

Cloud Moves TV also pioneered video bundles and they provide a low commitment, easy entry into the world of video first constant content marketing.

  • Reduced cost per video.
  • Payments spread over 12 months*.
  • Video content calendar.
  • Immediate response times.
  • Video utilisation and distribution review.

Cloud Moves TV has created a self-serve solution for Small and Medium Size Businesses (SMB’s). This allows SMB’s access to high quality content without breaking the bank.

  • Entry level pricing.
  • Multiple mixed and fixed content bundles.
  • Video content calendar.
  • High quality content.
  • Adobe Certified expert editors.

Higher the quality of low cost video and lower the cost of high quality video production.

Our mission is to inspire our customers by delivering high quality [world class] video production at a reasonable cost with our unique video subscription model and measure results to ensure video ROI is delivered to our valued customer.

Our people are at the heartbeat of our company, we value them highly and regardless of job function we are all joined by our passion for video.

From the inspirational creativity of preproduction to the desire to capture the magic of the moving image to the commitment and dedication of post-production editing and our unique fishing phase of the production process.

Our editors are all trained to expert level on Adobe Premier Pro and After Effects. They are also trained in camera, film making and lighting skills. Most importantly they have the passion to make your vision appear on screen.

We reward our people with time off, money and recognition.

We chose to reward our people rather than incentivise as incentives can be missed, creating disappointment.

We give back to our community in the form of time, help and money.

We offer creative, filming, production and editing services free of charge and regularly donate to good causes.

We have filmed SportAid events since 2018 and donated to a wide variety of good causes with our preference of giving a little to a lot of people.

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A true Innovator in the application of interactive video.

The service enables us to take them all on a journey of discovery in an interactive and engaging way

Malcolm Tuck
Malcolm Tuck - Managing Director ESET UK

They take video to another level and have been extremely innovative with the application of interactive video on our website.

I have been working with the highly skilled and motivated Cloud Moves team for over a year now. extremely focused their pursuit of excellence and driven by the need to produce a product that saves time, increases success and delivers ROI.

Tracy Ryan
Tracy Ryan - Head of Marketing

The work at Cloud Moves TV is professional but cutting edge and all within a very reasonable budget

Cloud Moves TV are an extremely skilled team and will bounce into your company drenched in enthusiasm and make you look even more stylish than you already are!

Jake Moore
Jake Moore - Cyber Security Specialist ESET

We can now give our followers the power to take their own journey.

Cloud Moves TV are massively passionate, thorough, and supportive supplier for B P Collins and his technology has allowed us to be at the forefront of video technology.

Steve Perry
Steve Perry - Business Development Manager - B P Collins

Exceptional content, on time and at a great price.

The team at Cloud Moves have always delivered a level of service that can’t be beaten and are always willing to go the extra mile for me. They deliver exceptional content, on time and at a great price.

Andy Newland - Head of Digital, Omnis Intelligence