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The Future of Marketing

Video 1st Marketing

The two most important forms of communication in the world right now are in person and video.

Video is everywhere and when created well it is the most cost-effective form of content marketing.

Viewers watch video first, look at images second and read text last, most act on what they view first. This first point of exposure is what captivates audiences, and remains at the forefront of the viewer’s mind. The inclusion of video across main touchpoints in the customer path to purchase serves to elevate the customer experience, creating new and exciting opportunities for viewers and creators alike.

Interactive Video

Setting the Industry Standards

CMTV are pioneers of interactive video and making video costs more acceptable.

Video is the number one way to connect with buyers, followers and employees. Interactive video takes this engagement even further, and in some cases, triples conversions.

The extent to which interactive video drives the viewer journey will change story telling forever. The potential for pushing the boundaries of interactive video will be the key differentiator within digital marketing content over the next few years until it becomes the new norm.

purchase serves to elevate the customer experience, creating new and exciting opportunities for viewers and creators alike.

What We Do

A Unique Production Model

Creating The Normal In Video Production

The video production market was saturated with fluctuating prices and varying quality of video production. We wanted to address this by creating a solution that delivers a fixed monthly price and a constant flow of high-quality video.

Our Team

Crew & Culture

It all starts by hiring people who have a passion for video

Our people are at the heartbeat of our company, we value them highly and regardless of job function we are all joined by our passion for video.

We are a team of experienced filmmakers committed to delivering high quality, ROI driven video. Our highly motivated editors are trained to expert level on Adobe Premier Pro, After Effects and Cinema 4D.

We have an experienced production team that takes care of everything from delivering creative concepts, messaging, scriptwriting, filming and postproduction.

Our filmmakers are trained in Adobe Creative Suite, camera, filmmaking and lighting skills. Our customer success team ensures video content delivers ROI against a pre-set video content marketing strategy. Regardless of our job functions, we are all united by our passion for video.

… and we’re also fun to work with.

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Our clients

We work with clients of all sizes, to build videos for a range of purposes and audiences