Interactive Video Is Here

The Future of Video Marketing

Interactive video delivers 5x more engagement with viewers

Make It Memorable

Use branching to offer multiple journeys in a single video. Give your audience the freedom to choose what products and services matter the most with branch points.

Customise your overlays and hotspots to create a fully branded viewing experience.

Link hotspots to specific elements as they move for an eye-catching experience that’s been proven to hold attention.


Let your audience choose their own path as they watch by offering multiple viewer journeys in a single video.


Display customisable content on top of a video, including calls to action, images, product details and bonus video.

Hot Spots

Place clickable points anywhere in your video that lead your viewers to bonus content, extra product information and more, much more!

Time Triggers

Trigger events in the video at a specific time without any action from the viewer, like opening overlays, or jumping to other points in the video.

Unlock New Insights

Go beyond traditional video metrics with in-depth reporting and analytics.

Measure engagement and retention, learn content preferences, even track conversions including direct sales from a video.

Access tangible data around a viewer’s true interests and intentions with behavioural focussed analytics.

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