Samsung, LG Enter Virtual Reality Camera Fr...

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  Samsung and LG are launching new smartphones built for virtual reality. Samsung Electronics debuted its first virtual reality consumer camera, the Samsung Gear 360,

Samsung Galaxy S7 Has Gaming Features Like ...

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Today at Samsung’s briefing at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona, the technology giant officially announced the latest entry in its flagship smartphone line,

UX and mobile ads: How WhatsApp, Facebook a...

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News: “A billion dollars is cool.” “A million dollars isn’t cool, you know what’s cool? A billion dollars.” In the 2010 film the Social Network,

T-Mobile’s Finally Good Enough to Put...

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FOR YEARS, T-MOBILE has been known mostly for its relative affordability, and a CEO who’s not afraid to wear leather. A new report on the

5 predictions for mobile gaming in 2016

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TAGS: GAMING 2016, MOBILE ESPORTS, MOBILE GAMES FORUM, MOBILE VIDEO GAME STREAMING, MOBILE VR With the arrival of a new year, it’s natural to look

London showcases booming mobile games indus...

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The first ever mobile phone games week is being held in London this week. Source: London showcases booming mobile games industry – BBC News

3 Tips to Avoid Painting Your DevOps into a...

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When everything is firing on all cylinders, DevOps can be awesome. Teams work together seamlessly. Routine tasks are automated. Continuous delivery is continuously integrated, continuously

Stop, look, listen: Don’t be 2016R...

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Harnessing software to topple bricks and mortar Search the term “DevOps” online and you get a plethora of stuff. The problem is not lack of

Atlassian IPO – $5.8B in market value

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Australian collaboration software maker Atlassian TEAM 0.86% had a big day on Thursday, and not just because its shares ended 32% higher after its debut

AppDynamics Raises New Funding at $1.9 Bill...

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The valuation was at $1.9 billion, which was up from the $1.1 billion in July 2014. Source: AppDynamics Raises New Funding at $1.9 Billion Valuation