#CMTV #Thought #Leader of the Week Spotlight – Episode 9 – Part 4

Welcome to the #CMTV Weekly Tech Chart Show! Each week, we’ll be taking a look at which have been the top 5 most popular videos published on our channel!  Follow us on Twitter @CloudMovesTV for continuous updates in tech breaking news and tune in for LIVE Tech News on Periscope every day at 12pm – Click here! Bit.ly/CMTVPS

This week it’s our Rock Star Thought Leader Duncan Anderson – the CTO at IBM Watson Europe. Cloud Moves TV met Duncan at IP Expo earlier this year to ask how artificial intelligence can help doctors treat patients and if Watson is as academically gifted as a trained human being. We also asked Duncan if he thought advancing AI to such an extent was dangerous; as it could continually replace human jobs and trigger economic ramifications…


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